These are the official rules of Polaris.

1. Behaviors

1.1 - Stealing and raiding players/towns/nations

Stealing from other players and raids is allowed. Stealing from other residents in your town is frowned upon, but up to mayors to decide punishments for that. Mayors, co-mayors, assistants, builders and trusted users are not allowed to steal from their residents since they can bypass residents' claim protections.

1.2 - Unwanted Behaviors.

These behaviors are not allowed on the server:

- Forms of bullying and targeted harassment.

- Encouraging self-harm

- Use of racist, homophobic and/or derogatory terms.

- Inciting violence, explicit forms of racial basis, hate speech against racial/social minorities.

- Offensive Build

- Inappropriate dialogue or actions towards minors

- Spamming Chat or Any kind of Spamming.

- Explicit talk about sex, drugs, alcohol and other topics

1.3 - Personal Information.

Sharing personal information, such as the identities of others, that would be otherwise private, without their explicit permission is strictly forbidden. Personal information includes, but not limited to; photos of players (irl), phone numbers, home addresses, social networks, school location, work location, family relations, ip addresses and geological location.

1.4 - Link Sharing

You can share links in whispers and town chats. You can only share server related links in general chat. Links must also be respectful to our server rules.

No linking to sexual, violent, disturbing content is allowed.

1.5 - Advertising.

IP stealing/Baiting: Baiting or Luring other players to join another server by asking or giving the other IP in the chat or Encouraging players to join another server without sharing any IP

Any promotion or advertising of other servers is not allowed. It's also not allowed to ask someone to play on another server or saying “Don’t play here”, and it will indeed fall under this category

1.6 - Selling content/services/items for real money.

You are not allowed to sell in-game items or services for real life money.

1.7 - Main Language in global chat channels/Using Correct Channels.

The main language in global chat is English. If you wish to speak another language, please do so in the respective channels, or in town/nation chat. Please also use the correct channels in their respective designation and purpose

1.8 - Impersonation

This includes Impersonating as a staff member, another player or a higher rank and/or trying to scam or trick normal players.

1.9 - Targeted Harassment

Targeted harassment towards a nation, town or individual user, either in-game, on the Polaris discord or related nation discords, is strictly prohibited and will be punished. This includes instances of spam messages towards a user, camping town/nation claims, setting homes with the intent to target players in their towns, intentional disruption of their farms etc. Bypass of this rule, as deemed by an admin+, can result in an equal punishment of the above mentioned messages.

This rule is still brand new and may be updated at pmkcanadian’s discretion.


2. Cheating, exploiting, alternative accounts, limitations

2.1 - Benefitting

Players knowingly benefitting from another player's exploitation or rules, exploits, glitches or hacks; will be punished equally.

2.2 - Technical errors and server exploits

Players are not allowed to take advantage of server bugs, exploits, or other technical oversights.

2.3 - Game Glitches

Players are not allowed to take advantage of game bugs, exploits, such as duping, block-glitching, afk bypass or anything that isn't supposed to be possible in the base game.

2.4 - Alternative Accounts

Alternative accounts, otherwise known as "alts", are not allowed. You are entitled to one account per player. Alternative accounts will be suspended, and your main account will be temporarily banned if you are found breaking this rule deliberately.

- If your sibling’s account gets banned for breaking any of these rules, all accounts under that IP address should be punished

- Account sharing is not allowed.

- Open a ticket and contact an admin if you have two people connected to the same ip. You will be asked to provide proof that you are two individuals on two individual accounts.

2.5 - Cheat clients and game changing modifications.

Cheat clients, macro keying and other modifications that give you a technical/gameplay advantage over another player are not allowed. If you are found breaking this rule, you will be issued a 48hr ban, followed after a permanent.

These rules do not apply to:

- OptFine/Performance improvement mods.

- Litematica (printing is not allowed)

- Armor/Effect Status HUD mods.

- Minimap Mods (only as much as the dynmap shows, that means no cave finder and no player or entity icons)

As the Minecraft EULA states, Unfair advantages is "in a competitive game something that, given equal skill levels, time investment, and circumstances, causes one player or group of players to perform better than another."

2.6 - Intentional Lag/disruption of Polaris Services.

Intentionally causing harm to our services through DDOS, Spamming, raiding or other illegal exploitative methods is not allowed and will be punished with a permanent ban with no chance at an appeal. All illegal access will be logged in detail and reported.

2.7 - Mob platforms/spawners/large farms & tile limitations.

Large farms must be limited to within 2x2 chunks (4 chunks total).

Tile limitations are enabled, this means you cannot stack a ton of furnaces, hoppers, chests (single or mixed) into one chunk. As this causes delays in saving, which causes excessive lag.


3. Griefing

3.1 - Griefing in towns.

Traditional Griefs to claimed Towns are not allowed. You may break & enter through builds/bases when they are under Ruin; but you may not entirely destroy them. Taking down old unclaimed Builds for the purpose of building a new town in the wilderness is allowed at an admin’s discretion.

If it is found that the unclaimed builds are destroyed for materials and not for the purpose for a new town, the players found responsible will be punished.

3.2 - Destroying land in the wilderness.

Land outside of town claims is considered Wilderness. You are not allowed to grief structures or naturally generated wilderness in any way, this includes lava casting and mass burning (refer to 3.1 - Griefing in towns). 

Pathways (railways, ice roads, roads and other blocks used as pathways), in the wilderness, are not allowed to be griefed, if they are willingly connected between existing towns that mutually agree to form them.

If the area is part of a siege zone, the players who started the siege are expected to fix the area after they are done. If this is not met, players will get warned and/or temporary banned for it.

3.3 - Town Claiming/Claims

You are required to fill in your town claims, do not leave unclaimed chunks inside of your borders as this intentionally allows you to make towers bigger than they actually are.

You are not allowed to "Spaghetti claim", which is claiming land away from your main claim area by stringing out your claims with 1-width claim chunks across the map. You will need to claim up to 3-width claims to qualify as a "push" away from your main claim area. (Exceptions are limited).

Claim blocking, as in the action of claiming chunks specifically to prevent other towns from expanding, is not allowed. Outposts claimed in foreign land (And any other kind of claim using it for this reason), whatever the width may be, will be unclaimed after an admin determines the nature of the claim.

"Anchor Towns", towns started by an enemy/ally nation for the sole purpose of claim blocking are not allowed.

3.4 - Lava Casting/Use of Lava/Water

Griefing with the use of Lava, water or lava casts is not allowed. All griefs will be rolled back and you'll be temporarily suspended (refer to rule 3.3 - Town Claiming/Claims)

3.5 - Major terraforming

To Preserve the accuracy of real-world geography; major terraforming of the natural terrain is not allowed. You can terraform land within the borders of the ocean/rivers, but terraforming beyond them changes the resemblance and accuracy. Do not drain large lakes or rivers, create artificial islands or cover the ocean with platforms (ships are okay).

3.6 - Map Art

Map art is only allowed in Antarctica and within your own town (Bypasses Rule 3.4 if this rule is followed). Map art must follow the following guidelines:

- Cannot depict violence

- Not sexually provocative

- Not contain any racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory symbolism or language

- Cannot contain inappropriate/NSFW language or symbolism

- Cannot contain hate speech or symbols

- Destroying mapart in the wilderness whilst it's being made is frowned upon but killing the maker is allowed.


4. Combat/PVP

4.1 - Engaging in Combat (Not applicable during sieges)

Players are allowed to engage in combat, unless one of the players is AFK. After you have defeated someone in combat, do not engage in combat with them again unless they engage with you, take the loot you obtained. It is best to take what you get and walk away after.

4.2 - Claim Hopping 

You are not allowed into a claim where pvp is disabled to avoid death, or to give yourself an advantage over other players. If you start fighting you need to commit to it and restrain from running into claims (you are allowed to run away). It is good practice to enable PVP for your whole town during sieges so as not to violate this rule.

4.3 - Spawn Camping

Do not repetitively kill someone after they have spawned in. (See Rule 4.1). Do not wait outside of their base after you have already killed them. Do not use /sethome to teleport back to their lands.

4.4 - TP Killing or any sort of Teleportation (t spawn, n spawn, t outpost) is not allowed.


5. Naming Conventions

5.1 - Town Names.

When creating a town, make sure your name complies with naming rules. Names can be changed by staff members if they're not following the rules.

- Fictional town names are allowed.

- Town names cannot be inappropriate, offensive or toxic.

- Towns cannot have similar names to already established towns, where one could easily be confused with another.

- Town names must fit into the aspect of geopolitics and worldly game play. Meme towns are not allowed.

- Town names cannot include symbols except underscores or hyphens.

- Town names cannot prevent players from accessing information from it.

5.2 - Nation Names.

When creating a Nation, make sure your name complies with naming rules. Names can be changed by staff members if they're not following the rules.

- Fictional Nation names are allowed as long as they’re reasonable.

- Nation names cannot be inappropriate, offensive, culturally insensitive, or toxic.

- Nations cannot have similar names to already established Nations/Towns, where one could easily be confused with another.

- Nations' names must fit into the aspect of geopolitics and worldly game play. Meme nations are not allowed.

- Nation names cannot include symbols except underscores or hyphens.

- Nation names cannot prevent players from accessing information from it.

5.3 - Accounts

Minecraft Usernames, Nicknames, Player Skins, Towny Titles may not be explicit, sexual, racist, culturally insensitive, or inappropriate. You may not also change your name to match the similar username of another person on the server.


6 - Towny & SiegeWar Rules

6.1 - Kill Feeding

Players may not purposefully kill themselves to artificially feed points to the opposite nation or to lower their town reputation.

6.2 - Town-Claim-Surrounding

If you wish to surround a town with another town, the innermost town must be peaceful.

6.3 - Digging pits below banner

Players may not dig out giant pits under the siege banner to prevent capping of attackers or defenders. Any person that took part in digging out of the pit will be suspended for the remaining duration of the siege. This does not include ganks as long as they are not in the same chunk as the banner.