Get started with your adventure with this helpful guide to help you on your way.

I just joined the server, what do I do?

First of all, welcome to the server community! We are glad you joined us and hope you enjoy your time here. But let’s get started with your adventure and highlight some of the most important aspects to our server below!

#1, You can join a town or create one!
Starting off, it is best to join a town and build your wealth and resources. Get familiar with your surroundings and the people around you. Continue to contribute to the projects taking place in your town and perhaps look for positions of responsibility in your new town!

Everyone can easily start a town but very few can build a successful township. Towns require development, good leadership and strong relationships with your own community of people that you can recruit or befriend.

#2, Obtain Currency!
You can obtain currency in many different ways, but it only comes in one form, gold!

You can mine gold-rich locations around the world, trade items and resources with players, dedicate your time to other projects for a wage, participate in a war that your nation is a part of, start your own shop and vote daily.

You can vote for the server by typing /vote in-game.

#3, Find out your location.
At Polaris, there are plenty of ways to keep track of your location. Simply issuing the command /map will provide you a clickable link that takes you to our servers map. On there, you can find your location by scrolling down the player list for yourself and clicking your name. The map will automatically zoom into your location.

If you aren’t quite sure where you are in terms of real life location, you can type /getlocation in the game and you will be automatically provided with Latitude and Longitude coordinates to your exact location. In addition, you can click the automatically generated Google Maps link to view your location in game to its in-real-life equivalent.

#4, Ready to start a town?
Creating a town is not a thing for everyone, it requires a ton of management and expertise of the plugin (Towny). We advise those who are unfamiliar with the plugin to get assorted with it by joining a town and gaining some experience and familiarity with the commands.

But if you are ready to take on the task, you will need 256 G and a location you wish to start your town. This location needs to be away from other towns and outposts. You want to find an area where you can expand later on. Make sure the gold is on your person and issue the command /t new , you will create a town in the exact plot you are standing in.

You’ve created your town and will need to pay a daily upkeep price of 16G to maintain your town's lively hood. Failing to pay your upkeep will result in your town going into debt. You will not be able to utilize your town until your debt is paid off. If it goes further enough into debt, it will fall into ruin. Falling into ruin allows for players to steal from your town and after 72 hours, your town will be deleted automatically, since it is considered abandoned at this point.

#5, Can I teleport?
You are not able to teleport directly to players, unless you have a premium rank. Instead, you can join public towns. From there you will be able to visit the town by issuing the command /t spawn. If your town is in a nation, you can also use your nation spawn by typing /n spawn

Basic Towny Commands Tutorial.

The following video was created in 2017 and some commands maybe changed. You can ask for assistance or Google "Towny Commands" if you have any questions or concerns about commands and their execution results.