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Customized Plugins

for a customized experience

Player Economy

Allows for the user to create their own shops where they can sell items to other players.


Provides the main experience of creating towns, nations, alliances and etc. Get started with out guide

Polaris Core

Provides the best experience for players by customizing the game experience with Towny modifications


Provides an online map, that anyone can access from their browser to view their location in the world.

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The biggest Earth Map on any Towny Server

100% pregenerated beauty, using the most accurate map data from Open Street Maps

  • A scale of 1:326 of Earth, larger than any Earth Towny server in existence!
  • Triple the size, triple the claims and triple the fun! Build a full sized city!

Create your own town!

Great to play with your friends or a place to make new ones!

Create your own town, lead your own nations and rule the world. With towny, you can create towns, invite residents to join you! Manage their permissions and ranks within your town or nation. Get started by obtaining 256

Sustainable with no lag

Reliable Hosting Online 24/7

  • The latest and greatest hardware!
  • Premium Network for paying subscribers.
  • Up to 150+ players before a queue starts!
  • Anti-DDOS and Advanced Traffic Routing.